Mission #16 (OTN201)

  • Battery: 14.9446 -> 13.3569 V
  • AmpHrs: 35.6997
  • LeakDetect: OK
  • Vacuum: 7.55697 inHg

Mission Diagnostics Page

Mission ran from (2012-11-27 16:30:00 til 2012-12-04 03:43:00)
Posted By:
pye @
2012-11-27 20:03:11
Glider deployed by Adam Comeau and Shannah Rastin with Chris DeCollibus of Webb. Mission plan is two short runs through the Emerald Basin.
acomeau @
2012-11-28 09:50:45
During the deployment water samples were collected from 1 and 10 meters depth.
rfdavis @
2012-11-28 19:37:35
Glider took a turn to the ENE 28 Nov. Investigating but suspect an odd current.
pye @
2012-11-29 12:50:47
Glider is still battling the odd current, but has begun gaining ground.
rfdavis @
2012-11-29 19:43:23
Restarted the script @ 1547h ADT
pye @
2012-11-30 01:40:11
Noticed script was in a strange state while investigating lack of connection. Reset script.
acomeau @
2012-11-30 17:39:41
On 2012-11-29 at the 18:46 (UTC) surfacing, the log files were downloaded and the mission was aborted by me. I set the current correction off and uploaded a new glmpc mission. I also uploaded a mbdlist.dat file to save some relevant flight parameters in case we need them. Shortly after I restarted the glmpc.mi mission. You can find the relevant iridium log on bugs and the filename is: otn201_network_20121129T184645.log
pye @
2012-12-01 02:25:40
Glider got an error sending files. the SBD was not transferred properly. Therefore, positional values for live data over the last 6 hour period are incorrect.
pye @
2012-12-01 20:00:59
Data files were successfully re transferred. All positional data is now represented.
acomeau @
2012-12-01 20:04:01
During the 3:45 surfacing on 2012-Dec-01, we had a communications NOT ready for consci because m_science_clothesline_lag > u_max_clothesline_lag_for_consci
pye @
2012-12-04 02:53:04
Glider aborted for samedepth. Checked leakdetects and other surface variables, saw no issues, and restarted GLMPC.
pye @
2012-12-04 03:42:00
Glider resurfaced for samedepth again. Grabbing more files for full diagnostics.
pye @
2012-12-04 06:23:40
Anticipate a tangling or insufficient weight issue. Adam Comeau is heading out to the glider to assess and hopefully rectify the problem in the field.
pye @
2012-12-04 18:22:05
Burn wire had triggered a release of weight. Glider was recovered by Adam Comeau at 1800 UTC, Dec 4th 2012.

Latest Mission Data


Oxygen Saturation

Chl a from Fluorescence


Backscattering @ 660 nm

Backscattering @ 880 nm

CDOM fluorescence