Mission #20 (DL)

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  • Mission ran from (2013-05-16 14:00:00 til 2013-09-06 17:00:00)
    Posted By:
    pye @
    2013-05-22 16:29:06
    Glider deployed off of Miminegash, PEI on May 16th 2013.
    rfdavis @
    2013-05-27 20:16:16
    WGDL lost primary GPS at ~1913UTC. Alternate GPS was turned on at 1946UTC. Primary GPS will be power cycled soon.
    rfdavis @
    2013-05-27 22:27:40
    LRI pilots simply turned primary GPS back on but no power cycling. Strange
    rfdavis @
    2013-06-05 13:03:13
    As per 2 June 2013 e-mail from Kim Hosaka, DL will be making one more circuit back to WP4 before heading off to the mouth of Strait of Belle Isle. That should be on or about 10 June 2013.
    pye @
    2013-06-12 17:10:50
    We're transiting the St. Lawrence Seaway on our way to the Strait of Belle Isle to continue salmon detection efforts.
    pye @
    2013-06-13 14:54:21
    Transit of the St. Lawrence Seaway is complete. We are en route to the Strait of Belle Isle for more salmon detection.
    pye @
    2013-06-28 15:04:13
    Vehicle experiencing low speed and high currents, causing a northward drift.
    pye @
    2013-07-18 14:01:21
    Vehicle is en route to the Cabot Strait to perform range testing on OTN's Cabot Strait line of receivers.
    pye @
    2013-08-30 15:25:06
    DL is moving to Middle Bank to fly near sentinel tags and potentially detect tagged seals known to be in the area.
    pye @
    2013-09-03 12:44:38
    DL is experiencing intermittent internal errors, and will be recovered as a precautionary measure later this week.
    rfdavis @
    2013-09-06 16:04:13
    Received phone call from LRI on Monday, 2 Sept 2013. Float had lost comms with sub. Rudder locked hard left. Plans initiated to start recovery.
    rfdavis @
    2013-09-06 16:05:40
    Adam, Duncan and Christena left port @ 0830h ADT from Louisburg to recover glider.
    pye @
    2013-09-06 17:00:53
    Glider recovered by Adam Comeau, Duncan Bates and Christena MacDonald off of Louisbourg, NS