Mission #33 (OTN200)

  • Battery: 15.2383 -> 12.5556 V
  • AmpHrs: 101.327
  • LeakDetect: OK
  • Vacuum: 9.64784 inHg

Mission Diagnostics Page

Mission ran from (2014-05-27 14:28:00 til 2014-06-17 14:27:39)
Posted By:
acomeau @
2014-06-06 15:34:38
The glider was deployed on the 27th of May by Adam and Kacie off of the SigmaT. The mission is to run the OTN line on the way out, then run parallel to the Scotian shelf until it gets to the DFO halifax line, and run it back in.
acomeau @
2014-06-08 10:24:56
There is lots of Chla fluorescence along the shelf.
acomeau @
2014-06-17 09:24:14
I edited the surfacing script to surface every hour to help in recovery. It is It is about 6 km from the final waypoint.

Latest Mission Data


Pot. Density


Chl a from Fluorescence


Backscattering @ 660 nm

Backscattering @ 880 nm