Mission #35 (OTN200)

  • Battery: 15.2055 -> 12.2562 V
  • AmpHrs: 125.628
  • LeakDetect: OK
  • Vacuum: 8.59473 inHg

Mission Diagnostics Page

Mission ran from (2014-08-28 18:41:19 til 2014-09-21 12:28:48)
Posted By:
acomeau @
2014-09-05 01:40:34
This mission will run off to the shelf and back. It is out first mission as part of Gliderpalooza II and it was deployed during the filming of the Rick Mercer show.
acomeau @
2014-09-05 01:42:40
Today I updated the mission waypoints. It was initially scheduled to turn at the shelf, but I extended the mission to go out to station 6 which is a bit further offshore because we still had lots of batteries.
acomeau @
2014-09-07 13:47:30
There was a strong easterly current that was preventing the glider from reaching its HL6 waypoint, so I gave the glider a waypoint due north so it could get back on the shelf. Once on the shelf, I'll get it to go back on the line.
acomeau @
2014-09-21 02:06:16
I updated the gliders surfacing times to come up every hour and head to its final waypoint to assit in recovery on Sunday 21-Sept-2014.

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