Mission #40 (DL)

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    DL is AT SEA, last contact: 2014-12-02 20:37:20 UTC, (1300546 minutes ago)
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    2016-01-26 18:59:08
    2014-10-21: Adam, Sue, Brad, Cailin and Duc headed out on DiveCom to deploy wave glider. Mission objective to offload VR4s in OTN Sable Island Array and Halifax Line. Deployed at 44 32.00 N, 63 25.00 W. During launch, tag line became loosely wrapped around rudder area, lifted back up to remove line. Once in water, issues with comms - commands not being acknowledged. Recovered glider, performed a hard reboot of the float. After reboot, comms re-established, LRI gave OK to re-launch.
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    2016-01-26 19:21:29
    2014-10-23: Successfully offloaded "test" station (HFX073). Continuing on track to Sable Island.
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    2016-01-26 19:30:24
    2014-10-27: Arrived at Sable. Successfully offloaded first station.
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    2016-01-26 19:33:10
    2014-10-28: Duncan adjusted waypoints to have DL go further east around the east bar to avoid shallow water.
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    2016-01-26 19:38:07
    2014-10-31: Successfully circumnavigated Sable Island and completed offload of the five VR4 receivers of OTN Sable Island Array. Making best track to OTN Halifax Line.
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    2016-01-26 19:47:09
    2014-10-31: data not being sent to LRI server via RUDICS. LRI updated RUDICS group number and port number. Seems to have fixed connection issues.
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    2016-01-26 19:56:16
    2014-11-01: Primary GPS malfunctioning, requiring float to be rebooted to fix. Secondary GPS (weather station) also malfunctioning intermittently (LRI has seen issues with these units). Will leave weather station on (end duty cycling) in case primary GPS fails.
    slorsa @
    2016-01-26 20:04:49
    2014-11-03: DL is seeing some adverse weather conditions. Wave height sensor reporting waves up to 9.7m. DL heading in the reverse direction.
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    2016-01-26 20:09:51
    2014-11-03: DL still heading in reverse direction. This is likely a combination of waves, strong currents, and line following being turned on.
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    2016-01-26 20:12:17
    2014-11-14: Arrived at end of OTN Halifax Line. Will offload stations from HFX256-HFX073.
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    2016-01-26 20:16:05
    2014-11-20: Unable to connect to HFX147. Performed search spiral overnight. Returned with lower baud (300 bps) and power levels (local -12db, remote -6db) with no success. Continuing to next station.
    slorsa @
    2016-01-26 20:18:37
    2014-11-22: Unable to connect to HFX138. Completed 2km hex patrol at full power, cycled power and lowered baud and power levels for second attempt. Still unable to connect after second 2km hex patrol. Continuing to next station.
    slorsa @
    2016-01-26 20:41:45
    2014-11-22: Have had issues connecting to some stations. Seems to connect better with lowered baud rate (300 bps) and power levels (-6 or -12 dB). Will update some of the station default parameters.
    slorsa @
    2016-01-26 20:58:41
    2014-11-25: Completed station offloads. Discovered potential glitch if sending offload command out of station range. Making best track to Halifax.
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    2016-01-26 21:10:31
    2014-11-28: Adam, Sue, Brad, Christena, Cailin and Andrew C headed out on EastCom to recover glider. Deployed OTN201 at same time.