Mission #45 (OTN201)

  • Battery: 15.213 -> 11.9888 V
  • AmpHrs: 18.0544
  • LeakDetect: OK
  • Vacuum: 9.28409 inHg

Mission Diagnostics Page

Mission ran from (2015-05-08 14:50:36 til 2015-06-05 15:58:09)
Posted By:
acomeau @
2015-05-13 16:08:12
We deployed OTN201 at 14:50 hrs (UTC) off of the SigmaT on 2015-May-08. The purpose of this mission was to run out to alongside blackfish, a glider from UBC which is equipped with a microrider. For the first 5 days of this mission, the glider was set to sample every second yo, which is a setting that was enabled last mission to conserve battery power.
acomeau @
2015-05-13 16:10:26
2015-05-13: At the 15:48 pm (UTC) surfacing the minimum altimeter depth was set to 15 meters to prevent false yo's. The science sensors were set to sample every yo, and the waypoints were updated so the glider will run a zigzag pattern on the SE side of Emerald basin.
acomeau @
2015-05-15 10:02:51
2015-03-15 ~12:30 am (local): I updated the waypoints to extend the emerald basin zigzag into the ~150 isobaths. After running the zigzag once, it will run it again backwards, then head to HL5 and then back to shore.
acomeau @
2015-05-20 18:23:16
I changed the nth yo to sample to every second yo while the glider is transiting to and from HL4.5
acomeau @
2015-05-27 12:32:49
I just updated the science sensors to sample every yo instead of every second yo while its doing the emerald basin zigzag.
acomeau @
2015-05-27 12:33:23
I also updated the goto_l10.ma script to head to the waypoint after the last acheived.
acomeau @
2015-05-29 08:22:27
Last night at the 9:00 pm (local) surfacing, goto and sample files were uploaded to send the glider home and to sample every second yo.
acomeau @
2015-06-03 10:46:05
Last night (2015-06-02 ~9:30 pm ADT) I turned on current correction, set the minimum altimeter depth to 2 meters and shut the science sensors off. We had a hard time sending new mafiles but the problem turned out to be related to file permissions.
>>!put u_use_current_correction 1
>>!put u_alt_min_depth 2
>>!dockzr *.ma -archive
acomeau @
2015-06-04 00:47:25
Since we can't seem to fight the Scotian current, we are planning for a recovery off of Shad Bay on Friday. The waypoint was adjusted 2015-06-03 ~9:30 ADT).
acomeau @
2015-06-04 12:32:30
2015-06-04 9:30 am ADT: I shut off current correction because the current started being variable and the glider is getting close to shore.
>>!put u_use_current_correction 0
acomeau @
2015-06-05 00:54:19
2015-06-04 ~9:30 pm ADT: Changed the surfacing interval to every 2 hours and adjusted the waypoints. I also quit and restarted the mission because the science sensors were acting yup. They were stuck in a loop where they were continually turning on. When in glider dos they seemed to behave normally, so I restarted the mission.
acomeau @
2015-06-05 13:40:00
The glider is being recovered today. I stoped the stock mission around 9:30 am local, and let the glider go into lastgasp. While in lastgasp, the glider aborted because of a science sensor problem.
acomeau @
2015-06-05 19:01:45
About an hour before it was scheduled to be recovered by us, the glider was recovered by a fisherman. We recovered it by following the gps feed leading us directly to the wharf where the fisherman docked.

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