Mission #49 (DL)

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    DL is AT SEA, last contact: 2015-09-17 19:00:45 UTC, (884481 minutes ago)
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    2016-02-03 18:06:34
    2015-08-20: Adam, Brad, Kat and Hansen went out on EastCom to deploy wave glider for MEOPAR's WHaLE project. Mission objective to listen for right whales on Scotian Shelf using Ocean Sonic icListen hydrophone. All tests completed successfully and glider at full power. Deployed outside Halifax harbour at 44 32.1055'N, 63 25.6424' W. Went swimming with DL to get visual of towed icListen cable.
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    2016-02-03 18:25:20
    2015-08-26: Significant currents have caused reduced average speeds. Have to make significant course changes to maximize area covered within our 30 day mission. Will transit along the shelf break until we reach the second half of the intended survey area. From there we will continue with transects.
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    2016-02-03 18:37:59
    2015-09-03: At 22:58UTC, WGMS experienced an unexpected outage. Telemetry not reporting and unable to issue commands to DL.
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    2016-02-03 18:41:29
    2015-09-04: WGMS services were restored today at 11:44UTC. DL still showing a 7 hour window where no telemetry reported.
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    2016-02-03 18:48:21
    2015-09-09: No telemetry update from DL beginning at 16:36z. LRI informed they are experiencing latency issues. Issue resolved same day by 18:25z.
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    2016-02-03 18:50:48
    2015-09-09: WGMS planned maintenance from 16:00UTC to 16:30UTC to help identify root cause of service interruption on Friday, Sept. 4th. Gliders will continue to follow set navigational commands. Data packets sent from gliders will be queued for delivery as WGMS capabilities are restored.
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    2016-02-03 18:52:27
    2015-09-11: Another planned WGMS service interruption from 06:30UTC to 07:00UTC. Still trying to identify cause of outage from Sept 4th.
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    2016-02-03 18:53:59
    2015-09-14: Another scheduled WGMS service interruption to bring virtual relay services back online. Outage planned from 18:00UTC to 19:00UTC.
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    2016-02-03 19:01:01
    2015-09-15: WGMS outage continued until Sept 15th 04:00z. DL still missing telemetry data from Sept 14th18:40z through 23:59z.
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    2016-02-03 19:43:36
    2015-09-15 3:00-6:30z: LRI piloting. Getting proximity warnings between DL and IA-FISHING BEACON at 1300m away. DL appeared to stop suddenly (loitering in one area for about 20 minutes), then began moving E around 3:30z. Initially thought to be result of currents. At 5:45z, LRI set heading to 0 deg, but DL still continuing east. At 6:27, LRI set heading to 45 deg. DL started to make some ground N.
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    2016-02-03 19:56:04
    2015-09-15 8:45-9:30z: Getting repeated Sub to Float Comms Error alerts. Eight alarms in total. At 9:10z, LRI rebooted the sub. 9:21z received a Self-Corrected Sub Reboot alert.
    slorsa @
    2016-02-03 20:14:09
    2015-09-15 12:00-12:30z: Fishing vessel in very close proximity to DL. It made several approaches near us. At one point looked like vessel was directly on top of DL. At 12:17z LRI sent commands to turn light off and follow fixed heading of 0 degrees. No other commands were sent by LRI during this time. At 12:25z I emailed LRI asking them to set TRR to 2 mins and ensure FMC on. After this direct encounter, the fishing vessel appeared to vacate the area.
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    2016-02-03 21:01:12
    2015-09-15 13:30-14:30z: Concerned DL may have a twist in the umbilical. Inconsistent flight pattern and don't appear to have much nav control. Currents reading quite strong with variable heading. Contacted LRI - they said they have been fighting a current all night but it was possible there is a twist.
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    2016-02-03 21:08:04
    2015-09-15 16:15-20:30z: LRI performed navigational troubleshooting as DL not responding as expected. It appears we have lost navigational control, LRI believes the vehicle has become fouled with something, likely fishing gear. They recommend an emergency recovery.
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    2016-02-03 21:16:34
    2015-09-16: Sue, Adam, Brad and Kat headed out on DiveCom for emergency recovery of DL. Recovered in LaHave Basin, 43 49.7586'N, 63 27.2242'W. Weather, sea state and visibility good. No issues during recovery process. Upon recovery, found rudder plate missing, scratches on float and umbilical, swordfish longline and hook wrapped around sub and hydrophone cable wrapped around two of the wings. Umbilical had one or two twists.