Mission #55 (OTN200)

  • Battery: 15.1815 -> 11.9361 V
  • AmpHrs: 131.845
  • LeakDetect: OK
  • Vacuum: 7.46865 inHg

Mission Diagnostics Page

Mission ran from (2016-01-22 17:27:00 til 2016-02-19 13:23:00)
Posted By:
acomeau @
2016-01-22 23:09:36
Deployed 2016-01-22 at 17:27 UTC from the Eastcom with Kat, Sue and Adam. The wind was blowing ~15-20 kts from the NW. We deployed a bit further from shore to avoid lobster traps. The purpose of this mission is to fly alongside dal556 to do a comparison between both CTD's. The glider will head to roughly the Scotian shelf and then return. dal556 was deployed at the same time a few 100 meters from otn200.
acomeau @
2016-01-22 23:10:08
For the first two surfacings the gliders headed inshore. This was because there was an initial waypoint set inshore to provide a good path away from buoys as the glider made it's way offshore. But since we deployed further offshore than expected we had to adjust for these waypoints. The adjustment was made ~2130 UTC.
acomeau @
2016-01-24 23:52:19
The gliders were getting pushed pretty far West due to the Scotian current so we sent a new waypoint further south to adjust the gliders and get it to continue South.
acomeau @
2016-01-26 12:33:05
2016-01-25 ~2000 local: The gliders were set to surface every 6 hours.
acomeau @
2016-01-29 10:58:15
2016-01-29: The gliders have veered quite a bit from each other for this mission, but last night they have met up at holding position. Later today I'll send otn200 on its way offshore and dal556 to shore.
acomeau @
2016-02-04 21:52:32
2016-01-29: The ctd was set to sample every second yo on the upcast to conserve power for the rest of the mission.
acomeau @
2016-02-12 12:02:03
Updating the waypoints to try and get it to come into Halifax.
acomeau @
2016-02-12 12:07:46
I enabled current correction
acomeau @
2016-02-13 23:57:24
Disabled current correction after the glider made its way North past the Scotian current. I also updated the waypoints.
acomeau @
2016-02-16 00:15:37
2016-02-14 23:50 (UTC). The glider is flying a triangle patter waiting for a weather window to be picked up. During this time the science sensors were set to sample every 10th yo to save on battery power.
acomeau @
2016-02-19 00:04:30
Preparing for recovery tomorrow. The surfacing interval has been set for every two hours, and the glider will bounce between two waypoints a bit closer to shore.

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