Mission #61 (DL)

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DL is AT SEA, last contact: 2016-05-13 17:50:35 UTC, (1417530 minutes ago)
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2016-06-17 17:55:32
Glider was deployed on 12-May-2016 out of Dingwall, NS by Sue, Adam, Ryan, Naomi and the Bay Leader I crew to start the CBS station offload mission. There were strong NW winds for deployment, so we deployed in NW Aspy Bay for shelter. Deployment went smoothly. CTD and C3 were both reporting. DO sensor showing as OFF.
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2016-06-17 17:57:31
Once out of Aspy Bay glider was hit by strong currents exiting the Gulf (1-2 kts) pushing us SE. Had trouble making ground to St. Paul Island and we were pushed about 13nm SE before the current eased up and we could head N. Saw a few ships pass in the shipping lane, but nothing in close proximity to us.
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2016-06-17 18:01:46
Arrived at first CBS station 15-May-2016 13:15UTC. Skipped first three stations - too shallow and currents in area. Proceeded to offload CBS line beginning at CBS164.
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2016-06-17 18:04:20
Completed the CBS line offload at 19-May-2016 12:25UTC. Successfully offloaded all but four stations. Last station (CBS160) was difficult due to depth and close proximity to rocks. Had to wait for slack tide, but eventually completed the offload. Took 4 days to offload line with 92.7% success.
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2016-06-17 18:06:23
Arrived back in Aspy Bay 22-May-2016. Had glider circle area just outside Aspy Bay until recovery scheduled for 24-May-2016.
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2016-06-17 18:11:36
Weather system moving through and had to postpone recovery until 26-May-2016. Glider passed the recovery watch circle and ended up in shallow water. Believe towfish dragging in sand, so LRI could not navigate out of shallow water. Boat crew put anchor on aft end of float to prevent glider from drifting closer to shore, waited for recovery crew to arrive in Dingwall. We were able to recover the glider with no problems. No visible damage to glider and no twists in umbilical.
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2016-06-17 18:12:27
Glider recovered by Sue, Adam, Alex, Jude and Bay Leader I crew.
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2016-06-17 18:16:00
Had to use a loaner command & control unit, Fontaine, for this mission, as DL was in the shop.