Mission #62 (OTN200)

  • Battery: 11.1763 -> 10.77 V
  • AmpHrs: 33.8668
  • LeakDetect: OK
  • Vacuum: 9.36399 inHg

Mission Diagnostics Page

Mission ran from (2016-06-24 04:38:24 til 2016-10-13 14:17:00)
Posted By:
rfdavis @
2016-06-24 22:08:33
OTN200 deployed off Clark's Harbour, NS, near Roseway Basin in support of WHaLE project. The glider is equipped with an Imagenex 300kHz echo sounder and a WHOI DMON. Start time is 24/6/2016 16:38:24UTC, lat 43 17.0469' N, lon 65 40.1069' W. Glider deployed from OTN zodiac by Adam Comeau and Hansen Johnson.
acomeau @
2016-06-28 14:06:21
The glider had been sampling the CTD on the first and 9th yo after each surfacing (ie: every 2 hours). It has been changed to sample every 8th yo at 2016-06-28 13:32UTC. This is a test to see exactly how this behaviour works.
acomeau @
2016-06-28 18:08:26
Between 13:30 and 19:30 (UTC) surfacings on 28-June, the glider headed in the opposite direction because the goto_l10.ma file wasn't adjusted for an mafile re-read. It was fixed at the 19:30 surfacing.
acomeau @
2016-06-29 00:38:27
Also at the 19:30 surfacing the glider was set to sample the CTD on the first upcast after every surfacing, and the surfacing interval was set to every 4 hours.
kfupsova @
2016-08-06 14:28:41
14:20 (UTC) A new goto_l10.ma containing new waypoints (10a, 10b, 11a...) was put in the 200 to glider folder. Next surfacing is scheduled for ~ 15:45 UTC.
slorsa @
2016-08-13 22:28:08
At 00:10:11 otn200 had an error while transferring files, sent files from science computer but not flight. three .asc and four .tbd files were sent successfully when it lost connection. It regained connection, and showed "Error from CmdDispatch():Error sending files" followed by "ERROR behavior surface_5: S COMMAND FAILED: s *.sbd *.tbd *.asc -num=8"
slorsa @
2016-08-13 22:30:02
04:02:41 glider surfaced normally, continued where script left off from last surfacing. Files were sent successfully from science (two .asc and two .tbd files) and flight (four .sbd files). Heard resume command and continued on mission.
slorsa @
2016-08-13 22:37:32
10:20:59 otn200 aborted due to MS_ABORT_STALLED. mlg file showed SYSTEM ERROR(): timestamp in future. Adam caught the glider at the surface, it seemed to be stuck in a loop unable to start initial.mi. Adam was able to quit out of mission and checked log files before putting glider back on mission at 13:07:01. The abort was due to stalled depth. We believe a computer glitch caused a timestamp in the future and the glider aborted thinking it was stuck at depth. Glider was climbing fine before this abort.
slorsa @
2016-08-13 22:44:29
17:16:11 glider surfaced as expected. I sent command to check clock source and lags. m_system_clock_lags_gps = 1 sec and f_clock_source is set to 0 (persistor clock). Glider aborted while at surface due to MS_NOINPUT. This happened because I sent a !dir \logs\ command. Due to the number of log files on the cpu, it kept the cpu busy and it wasn't able to accept data from the depth sensor, triggering this abort. Also got warning from attitude_rev and this was taken out of service. I put it back in service, ran status.mi mission, sent mlg files and an sbd and tbd from the last mission segment, updated the goto_l10.ma file and sent it back on mission at 19:07:50.
slorsa @
2016-08-18 14:43:31
2016-08-16 02:18:42 glider aborted due to MS_ABORT_DEVICE_ERROR. The attitude_rev device driver returned an error, which caused the glider to abort. From .mlg file found DRIVER_ERROR:attitude_rev_ctrl():6:900:Error making periodic measurement, device attitude_rev TAKEN OUT OF SERVICE, ERROR behavior ?_-1: abort_the_mission(0): (16)MS_ABORT_DEVICE_ERROR. There were ~2.5m seas being measured by the wave glider and some high winds measure earlier (gusts up to 30 knots), which may have caused the compass to throw an error. We were also getting a lot of digifin oddities while running tests at the surface. I put attitude_rev back in service and ran a status.mi before putting it back on mission at 03:44:15z.
slorsa @
2016-08-20 12:41:38
The surfacing interval was changed from 4 hours to 2 hours for the next two waypoints to get a CTD profile ~ every 4th profile.
slorsa @
2016-08-20 15:09:26
Surfacing interval was set back to 4 hours. We are in deep water at the shelf break and are getting pushed west by currents. I'm hoping to get a bit closer to the waypoint before setting the interval back to 2 hours to increase ctd sampling.
slorsa @
2016-08-20 22:37:21
We continued to get pushed west by currents and weren't making any progress towards waypoint 10a. To prevent further drift west, I sent the glider to waypoint 10b. I have changed the surface interval to 2 hours again for increased ctd sampling.
slorsa @
2016-08-21 04:09:26
We were seeing a couple of false yos, so I put the u_alt_min_depth to 10 m.
slorsa @
2016-08-22 18:32:19
The surfacing interval was changed back to 4 hours until we reach our next waypoint (WP11a).
slorsa @
2016-08-30 19:55:10
2016-08-26 22:00z, surfacing interval was changed to 2 hours to increase ctd sampling until we reach our next waypoint.
slorsa @
2016-08-30 19:56:50
2016-08-28 18:20z, reached waypoint 11b, set surfacing interval back to 4 hours.
acomeau @
2016-09-23 15:21:31
2016-09-23 14:45 UTC. Set the surfacing to every 2 hours.
acomeau @
2016-09-24 13:47:56
I sent a glider a new goto file to have it go to the next wpt after last acheived.
acomeau @
2016-09-25 13:55:00
The glider was set to surface every 4 hours.
acomeau @
2016-09-30 18:19:11
2016-09-30 13:55 UTC, Glider was set to surface every 2 hours.
acomeau @
2016-10-10 04:42:41
I uploaded a new goto_l10 file that will have the glider go to its last waypoint (ie: closest to shore).

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