Mission #68 (DL)

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DL is AT SEA, last contact: 2016-11-04 05:41:50 UTC, (1166271 minutes ago)
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slorsa @
2016-10-20 17:57:00
Glider was deployed on 18-Oct-2016 out of Ingonish, NS by Sue, Kat, Naomi, Jude and the Bay Leader I crew. Winds have been strong in the area, but we were able to deploy during a brief weather window. Deployment went smoothly using new deployment release hook. Vemco VM4, CTD and C3 all reporting. Saw real-time detection of test tag. DO sensor still showing as off.
slorsa @
2016-10-21 13:15:37
There was an unplanned iridium outage from 20-Oct 22:00 UTC through 21-Oct 03:15 UTC. During this time, we did not receive telemetry reports from DL (or iridium comms from Slocum glider dal556). Some telemetry was sent from DL once service was restored, however, there is a gap in telemetry from 20-Oct 22:04:30 UTC until 21-Oct 02:24:25 UTC.